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Wellness On Board: Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms & conditions for everyone participating in Wellness On Board activities:

1. Booking the Wellness Packages    


  • Wellness Packages include yoga, massage and personal training. ND Sails reserve the right to add, remove, or change activities under the Wellness On Board programs.

  • Only charterers that have already booked a yacht and paid the first installment are given access to book Wellness packages.

  • Bookings of Wellness Packages will also be accepted by any client on the final crew list, after the first installment of the charter fee is paid.

  • Wellness Packages are available to them during the charter period only, between the first Sunday morning and the last Friday evening of their charter period.

  • Wellness Package duration can be from 1 day up to and including 6 days, depending on the choice made by the clients on board.

2. Health & Safety


  • By participating in the Wellness Packages activities, you agree that, to the very best of your knowledge, you are in good physical condition and that you have no disease, physical limitation, health concern or injury that would be aggravated by physical activity, or which make you susceptible to injury.

  • We recommend a consultation with your Physician prior to involvement in any exercise or physical program. Participation is at your own risk. If you choose not to obtain a Physician’s permission and guidance prior to beginning Wellness Packages activities, you acknowledge that this is against ND Sail’s recommendation and that you may be putting yourself at an unknown level of increased risk.

3. Wellness Package Fees 


  • Wellness Packages must be booked and paid for prior to the charter period, no later than 4 weeks before check in date.

  • Massage Packages fees have a minimum charge of 400 Euros.

  • All Wellness Package have a nominal non-refundable fee of 50 Euros (included in the fees), unless the client cancels prior to 21 days before the start of the package. See our cancellation policy below.


4. Wellness Sessions    

  • Yoga sessions are one hour at dawn and one hour at sunset per day, or as close to that time of day as appropriate, at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Massage sessions will not exceed 5 hours per day. Clients can book either 1 hour sessions or half hour sessions. Massage sessions start at 9 am until noon, and resume again at 6 pm.

  • Personal fitness sessions are one hour in the morning and one hour at sunset per day, or as close to that time of day as appropriate, at the discretion of the instructor.

  • Client requests on session times will be accommodated where the instructor deems it appropriate, taking into account season, weather, temperatures and any other factors that may affect the activities.

5. Instructors on Board    


  • Instructors for yoga, massage and / or personal training coming on board for 1 or more nights will be given a berth and provisioning by the charterer.

  • Any time an instructor comes on board, it is the charterer’s responsibility to add their name to the crew list.

  • At the end of the Wellness Package, when an instructor disembarks, the charterer will allow him to remove his name from the crew list.

  • None of the instructors are responsible at any time for the yacht or its equipment. They will not be involved with sailing, mooring, docking or any related activities in moving or securing the yacht.

  • The responsibility of fitness instructors is limited to the fitness activities, the safety and well-being of those persons participating in the fitness activities, any related equipment used, and to behaving as a considerate crew member.

6. Equipment


  • Will be stowed on board for those booking Wellness Packages, and a minimal deposit will be paid by charterer at check-in (or before with final booking fee if they wish)

  • Fitness equipment (including but not limited to yoga mats, massage table, fitness props) will be used strictly during the activity of the Wellness Package, with the instructor present and for no other use.


7. Bad weather / Public transport

  • If bad weather stops fitness expert from meeting yacht on agreed date, the full package will be cancelled and refunded.

  • If public transport (ferries) do not run according to timetable (severe delays, strikes, bad weather) and the instructor cannot reach the yacht in time, ND Sails will refund the fee paid less the nominal fee of 50 Euros.

  • If charterer loses full days of booked Wellness Package due to bad weather, ND Sails will partially refund the fee paid for the Wellness Package in proportion to days lost.

8. Cancellation Policy    


  • Client cancelling 21 days prior to start of Wellness Package, full refund.

  • Client cancelling a Wellness Package 72 hours prior to booked sessions, full refund less the nominal fee of 50 Euros.

  • 24 hours before, we charge half price plus the nominal fee of 50 Euros.

  • Same day cancellation, we charge full price of the package

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