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Stefan F.

Vienna, Austria

"Destination: Beautiful, we really think about moving our sailing activities to Greece.

Boat: Super! Spacious, plenty of space in the cockpit, great sailing performance, sails very fast, great anchor with 80 meter chain.


I can say (and I’m speaking for my whole crew): that [Euphoria, Beneteau Oceanis 51.1] was the best boat which we ever had!

We neither needed the air condition nor the E-winch.  The generator was very practical.

Wind/weather: On Saturday it was very windy (up to 10 bft), Sunday 35 kn, Monday morning 30 kn then 15-20. We left on Sunday, it was quite an experience due to the strong wind, but everything was very under control and without any problems.

Base: The ND Sails staff is very competent, friendly, professional, and the transfer organized by the base worked perfectly.

I would totally recommend ND Sails and will definitely come back!"

Oliver B.

Düsseldorf, Germany

Yacht Cleanliness

Base Staff Friendliness

Check In

Check Out

Technical Condition

Recommendation                Yes


Horizon Yachting

Charter Agent, Cyprus

“The clients were very happy with your service and the yacht. Well done!”

Lars N.

Bjärred, Sweden

10/10 score

"Fantastic, and friendly persons”

Victoria E.

Athens, Greece

"I chartered a yacht from ND Sails just after my wedding, as a treat to some guests.

We had the most magical trip!! The yacht was clean, spacious and our skipper was very knowledgeable and hospitable.  Although years have passed since then, we all still talk about that trip, and how much fun we had!  From the point of departure to the point of return, it was smooth sailing! The organization was seamless.

We left from Lavrio and went to Kea and then headed to other islands in the Cyclades, where we stopped in various ports and several secluded coves. We enjoyed meals at traditional taverns and were extremely impressed with some delicious meals of lobster pasta and feta with tsipouro mussels in Kythnos and Sifnos We all returned to port with huge smiles on our faces and I would recommend the ND Sails experience wholeheartedly, to anyone for a great adventure that they will never forget!!"

Petros H.

Beirut, Lebanon

"This was the first year that I went sailing. Our trip included four islands in the Cyclades (Kythnos, Sifnos, Serifos and Kimolos).

The yacht was equipped and includes anything you need to have pleasant holidays.  The kitchen was ready to impress a chef to cook any type of sophisticated meal.  In the galley there were two fridges and enough space for anything you would need to store or find for a week’s vacation. During the check-in the yacht was extremely clean, the sheets and towels were enough for the week and in excellent condition.  The cabins were quite spacious and well as the cockpit.  The yacht overall gave you a great feeling of space and ease.

We did not have any problems concerning the engine throughout the whole trip when we used it and the sails where in excellent condition.  We were extremely happy with the sailing we were able to do!! I can easily recommend this yacht for any group of friends or family up to 8 to 10 persons easily.

I had an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go sailing again next summer!! 


Thank you ND Sails for everything!!"

Ray C.

New York, USA

"I so enjoyed your boat 'Marla', which is very well maintained yacht and sails like a dolphin. The engine caries her smoothly with ease and confidence.

A lot of space and all the right things at the right place. Wonderful to have two refrigerators plenty of living room space and 5 cabins with 3 baths.

The sails came out and in like a charm and the electric winch made my life as charter/skipper so much easier. Not to forget her huge anchor with 80 meters chain always held us comfortable, solid and safe in place!

We will be very happy to come sailing with ND Sails again.

Adrian H.

Tutzing, Germany

Yacht Cleanliness

Base Staff Friendliness

Check In

Check Out

Technical Condition

Recommendation                Yes


Matteo P.


"5 Stars: Very good, perfect boat, no problems."

Frank F.


"Great Boat, Great Skipper


The Globe Sailor hooked us up with ND Sails in Lavrio, Greece. The Lagoon 42 was just the right size for our party of four plus skipper. The check in process was simple enough.


We were lined up with the best Greek Skipper you could ask for… Angelo. He made the trip. The boat is a great boat, but the skipper added the personal touch of knowing the islands and the ports of call. He was a great head of crew and was great to spend seven days with. The check out process was much more intense as every little scratch was discussed. Again, Angelo handled this for us… Thank you, Angelo."

Katrina D.

Toronto, Canada

"We had a fantastic trip to the Greek Islands and it was all thanks to ND Sails. From the second we booked our trip, Nicolas was very attentive in answering all our questions and making us aware of the details we needed to know in order to have the best vacation. Our boat was exactly as we expected and our crew (skipper and hostess) were FANTASTIC. Kostas, our skipper, was very knowledgeable about where to take us to make sure we saw as much of the different islands as possible. He kept us safe, on time and entertained. Maria, our hostess, made the most delicious food and was very attentive to our needs. She also kept the boat clean and made us laugh! I would highly recommend a trip to the Greek islands with ND Sails"


Dirk K.

Hainichen, Germany

"We had a wonderful holiday on the yacht Euphoria, exploring the Cyclades in May 2019. As we visited many beautiful islands, our favorite was Paros with its wonderful town and harbour Náousa. Stay there for a while and explore the wonderful island of Paros by Quad and visit the nice restaurants in the old town, where you can eat fresh fish and find many small shops to explore. As well we recommend Syros with its lovely bays, where you can stay for the night or for day break to go swimming, snorkeling and so on.


As the yacht Euphoria was new and we were the first crew on the boat, it was fantastic. The boat offers enough space for 8 to 10 people with four cabins and three bathrooms. On deck you can find two areas for sunbathing and two couches to sit or to eat. Below deck the yacht offers enough space for cooking or sitting together, especially when the weather is bad. Everything was well-equipped; we found towels, bedclothes and so on. As well as all the nautical stuff you need like charts, maps, harbour information’s and so on.

The crew of ND Sails made us a very warm welcome. The Check-In and Check-Out was well prepared and quick, the English of our instructor was very good. They were open-minded for our ideas and recommendations to improve the quality of their service and on board. As well they organized our transport to the airport which all went very well.

In Lavrio you can find all the things you need to start your sailing holiday. The local supermarket is not far away from the harbour and offers a delivering service for the groceries. If you go to Greece by airplane, we recommend you to come one night in advance and stay at a local hotel or apartment, so you have enough time in the morning to prepare all the things you need to getting started.

It was a fantastic trip with very good service offered by ND Sails: 5 of 5 stars. Thank you!"

Lydia K.

Atlanta, USA

Lydia's first trip with ND Sails: "I went on my first charter trip through the Greek Islands in September 2011. I didn’t know exactly what to expect – this trip being my first week-long boat trip and first trip to Greece – but if I had had any expectations, this trip far exceeded them!  We chartered the boat towards the end of the summer season and toured four islands in the Cyclades.  The boat has four cabins and a bunk-bed room (5 rooms total) and can accommodate many people comfortably. During our trip, we all easily stayed comfortable within the cabins with extra space to spare. The boat also has a great communal area with plenty of comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. The kitchen is stocked with everything you may need to cook a nice meal at sea. What really stood out during this trip was what chartering a boat allows you to do as you tour the beautiful Greek Islands. The best parts of the trip were anchoring the boat by hidden beaches that can only be accessed from the sea. There is something very special about swimming in crystal clear water off the shores of a tiny beach that is surrounded by the cliffs of a beautiful Greek Island. I would recommend chartering a boat in Greece to anyone interested – it was by far the best trip I’ve ever been on!! – and ND Sails did an amazing job making sure we had an amazing trip!"

testimonals 1.jpg

Lydia's second trip with ND Sails: "I enjoyed my first boat chartering trip so much that I wanted to share the experience with my family. My sisters and brother in-law joined me and my boyfriend on this second trip to the Greek Islands. Marla is basically the exact same setup as Isabella, with the exception that this boat is equipped with air conditioning. This time, we had seven people staying on the boat and there was still room to spare. On this trip we had a great skipper who was an expert at finding hidden gems at each of the islands we explored. I’ve never seen such beautiful beaches and landscapes! The Greek Islands are truly some of the most beautiful places on earth. The islands’ volcanic origins have left behind unique and incredible landscapes that can vary quite starkly. I especially recommend Milos! The perfect day during this trip was docking off a small beach on the remote southwestern part of this island and spending the whole day swimming, exploring, and enjoying the glorious Greek summer sun. There is nothing quite as nice as cooling off in the cool Mediterranean waters after soaking in the summer heat. The perfect ending to this perfect day was the wonderful Cretan Salad and watermelon (that had been cooled by dunking it into the water, off the side of the boat) that the skipper graciously had offered to prepare for us. Greeks are truly some of the best hosts! Another amazing vacation, all organized by the wonderful ND Sails!"

Lydia's third trip with ND Sails: "This trip was my third time exploring the Greek Islands. During this trip, eight people plus a toddler were able to fit in the boat’s cabins without any problems. Chartering a yacht is really a very flexible vacation. You could go on a romantic tour with two or have the boat filled with people and still have a great time. Chartering your own boat allows you to go at your own speed. You could spend a week exploring a bunch of islands or choose only a few to explore in greater depths – all at your own leisure. This vacation, being the 3rd year in a row, was truly amazing (as the previous 2 vacation trips) spending the days swimming, exploring, and enjoying the beauty of the Greek Islands! As you can tell, we enjoy the Greek Islands and always rely on ND Sails to organize an amazing vacation! Year in and year out, they seem to make each trip more memorable --- and always keeping us as their top priority!  We’re grateful to have found ND Sails and look forward to many more trips in the future, with more family and friends!"

Erik & Linda

Stockholm, Sweden

"The flight arrived in Athens from Stockholm and we were met by a transfer, which ND Sails had arranged for us. The transfer took us straight to the base of ND Sails at the port of Lavrio, a journey of about 40 minutes.

The van dropped us off at the pier and it was easy to find our yacht ‘Marla’ that would become our home and transportation for a week. Once on board, we were met by the skipper, who helped us settle in Marla’s four cabins. First, we reviewed the boat, its equipment and then our pre-ordered provisions arrived, which we had also organized via ND Sails.

Since we are unaccustomed sailors with very limited knowledge, we decided to have dinner at a local tavern in the home port. Our plan was to eat a breakfast on board and then head out to the Greek island world.

The skipper discussed and asked us about our thoughts and expectations and what we wanted to get out of the trip. Together we set up a sailing route, depending on the existing weather and wind. Our trip initially took us south for 2 days, then night sailing to the west. The skipper was experienced and took us safely through everything, including darkness, waves, wind. It was quite an experience to sail in the Cyclades and Saronic waters and to see the magic of sailing under the stars.

Despite the end of season, late September / early October, Greece offered fine ‘Swedish high summer weather’, similar sun and bathing water temperatures. The children, ages from 4 years up to and including 17 years amused themselves swimming off the boat, and snorkeling in bays where we stopped.

Even though we were a big group the yacht was spacious enough and we never felt crowded. We mainly chose to have breakfast and lunch on board, then to explore the picturesque islands' and eat locally for dinner.

Our expectations were easily met, including the experience of sailing in the Mediterranean with a glimpse of dolphins. We had good food at the islands, to which we would have never come without the guidance of the ND Sails charter team, starting from the office, base and during the trip. If you want to skip the pool edge at some hotel and enrich your trip with many memories, then a sailing week is for you."

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