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Base Information

Finding Us

Lavrion Port is situated on the South East cost of Attika, 40 minutes away from the Athens International Airport (Eleftherios Venizelos). We offer transfer services should you require them. Kindly inform ND Sails about your arrival time, whether we provide your transfer or not, so the base team anticipates your check-in time accordingly.

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Finding Us - base

ND Sails Lavrio Base


GPS Coordinates:       

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Opening hours:          

Contact Number:       

Lavrio Port, Lavrio 19500, Greece

37° 42’ 45”, 24° 3’ 31”  
37.712514, 24.058561

ND Sails - Lavrio Base

Friday 12 pm – 9 pm  
Saturday 9 pm – 9 pm

+30 69444 55 497

Welcoming You

Besides our base operations and meticulous upkeep of the sailing yachts, you find ND Sails at the base always with a smile and good advice for your journey.

The whole team works hard to make your check-in safe, fast, and friendly, and also makes check-out as efficient and comfortable for you as possible.

Anytime during the charter, call our base manager for technical matters and immediate assistance. He advises you on sailing queries and arranges local support and equipment for the yacht at the islands.

For any non-technical support, please reach us at head office:

ND Sails - Head Office
Gr. Lambraki 19, 16675 Glyfada, Greece
Office number: + 30 6944 455 497

Welcoming You


Less worry, more comfort. Simply provide us with any hotel and all flight details, and how many people are in each transfer group. We offer competitive rates and extremely reliable services to and from the base. 

Transfer - base page

Provisions & Local Supermarkets

All supermarkets offer delivery to your yacht! You can also pre-order online with two reliable suppliers. We strongly recommend orders are made ahead of time, to avoid delays waiting for same-day deliveries. 



Mikis Theodorakis Ave.

tel: +30 213 0 600 000

Open parking, next to the port, with 24 hours security.

Lavrio Parking 

19, Kountourioti st.

tel: +30 6984 463 285 / +30 6931 530 147

Indoor parking space, 500m away, with free transit to and from the port


Click on the icons to learn about each facility.


Click here for Google map view of local cash machines.


Check In

You are welcome to arrive from 10 am. We have secure storage at our base for your luggage, so you can easily walk along the marina for a coffee, meal, or to get your provisions until the yacht is ready. 

Check in time is 5pm as per the agreement. If you would like the yacht ready to go at 2pm, request a fast check in.


All our yachts are delivered with full tanks of fuel (yacht & dinghy) full tank of water, one bottle of cooking gas in ready for consumption and one spare bottle.

Documents required

  1. Passport or valid identity card

  2. Crew list with names, birth dates and passport numbers.

  3. Sailing license of skipper is mandatory. ‘Day Skipper’ licenses are not accepted by Greek authorities. For the co-skipper, a declaration statement of basic marine knowledge can be done at base.


If you provide all the details and document scans ahead of time via email, we complete all the paperwork on your behalf and speed up the check-in process for you.

Security deposit: Payable at the embarkation in cash or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard only). Monohulls €2800 to €3500, depending on yacht and Catamarans €3500. The client is responsible to contact his/her bank prior to ensure the appropriate credit card limit.

Remember,  yachts all have a mandatory cleaning fee: Monohulls €240 & Catamarans €260

Check in


Secure luggage

Welcome Drink


Accept Visa, Mastercard & cash

Electricity for yacht

Water for yacht

Base Showers

Base Toilets



Cafés / Bars






Local Info

Currency: Euros €
Electricity: 220V
International phone code: +30
Credit cards: Visa & Mastercard

Most local cafés provide free Wi-Fi

At Base


Check Out

Final Friday
Check out is 9 am of final Saturday. Yachts should arrive in port the night before by 6 pm. This allows time for refueling, the check out process, and damage checks by divers. Then you can enjoy the evening in Lavrio town.

Fuel: The yacht should be re-delivered with full tanks of fuel. Please note, Lavrio does not have a fueling station, so refueling is by truck. Our base team assists you to coordinate this. The cost depends on distance and how many islands you visit under engine power. Average cost is around €350, excluding heavy use of the generator for electricity and air conditioning.

Final Saturday
We kindly request that all our clients leave the boat in a respectable condition, as it was chartered out.  Common practices include throwing out the garbage, cleaning plates and cutlery, and folding linen and towels (please leave all laundry items in one cabin).

We are happy to arrange transfers to help you easily reach the airport, Athens center, or hotel. Just let us know ahead of time.

Check out

Lavrio Town

Lavrio is an excellent starting point for sailing routes in the Cyclades. Within two hours you can reach the first island! Meanwhile, enjoy the wide choice of places to eat, relax, and have a drink. 

Places We Recommend

Click on the icons to learn about each yummy restaurant.

restaurants lavrio

Key Sailing Info

Sailing near Lavrio Base

Release three mooring lines (2 stern and 1 at bow) and leave them at base. Additional lines are available on board for you. Always give priority to larger vessels, such as ferry boats and cargo ships, where they are restricted in ability to maneuver in the harbor, and keep your speed below 5 knots.


Sailing hazards to know are the three reefs North, Middle and South of the Makronissi island. Also be aware of the two reefs close to the main land (cape Sounio and Ali Pasas). Kindly be aware that there is heavy traffic in the harbor area, including steamers, fishing boats and sailing yachts.

Moorings at Greek Island Marinas
At most islands, the main port expects yachts to fasten lines stern to, with the Mediterranean mooring and anchor method. Reverse in at low speed of 1 knot, to allow for gentle maneuvers. Have your fenders out – there will be limited spacing between boats, as the marinas are generally quite busy. Anchor perpendicular to the spot on the quay and avoid crossing or fouling the neighboring anchors. Try to arrive between 3 and 5 pm to secure your spot, before all the space is occupied. A full guide to Mediterranean mooring is available for you.

Moorings at Lavrio Base

Berths are situated from both sides of the L-shaped mole. When returning, go stern to and please do not use your anchor, use the forward mooring line available at the marina. 

sailing info - base
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