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Sailing Yachts

The Greek islands welcome you, so arrive in style; no ferries, no taxis, no waiting. Choose the yacht that gives you a comfortable home for your sailing journey. Choose the week or two that suits your calendar and that’s it! You’re good to go.

ND Sails Group consists of three Pleasure Yacht Maritime Companies that are fully owned by us. In other words, with great care we charter our yachts to you, using a fleet that belongs to us and no one else!

Choose Your Yacht

Your sea vessel reflects your journey. Perhaps a sturdy boat ready for adventure suits you, or an elegant and speedy yacht. A powerful catamaran simple to sail certainly enhances your holiday. Whatever you choose, these brightly designed, comfortable yachts ensure you enjoy the journey as much as each destination.

Already Upgraded

We keep our yachts upgraded with the latest nautical equipment and meticulously maintained. These are the upgrades you enjoy on your charter.





Bow Thruster

GPS Plotter

at Helm


Electric Toilets

Solar Panels

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