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Travel Tips

Weather is Key

Greece is known for sunny days, warm waters, dry and clear skies. This is generally the case throughout the season but if you want less crowded harbors and slightly cooler weather we suggest you come in May or September. If you want the warm weather and sea then June to August is for you. We generally recommend the Cyclades islands or Saronic islands plus the nearby mainland to maximize the number of places you can explore. The closest island in the Cyclades in only two hours sailing from Lavrio.

Wind forecast is essential for sailing; please be aware of the meltemi wind (very strong Northern wind) that starts in June, with peak season July to August. The wind pattern during peak season for meltemi is commonly 4 to 5 Beaufort in early afternoon and dying out at sunset. Sometimes it reaches 5 to 7 Beaufort and continues during the night. The Cyclades area is generally more affected. Fortunately, except for the stronger winds of the meltemi, the Aegean is ideal for sailing. There are no shallow waters or tides, excellent visibility and hundreds of enticing destinations!

Weather Links

Forecast in English

Meteo: Sailing maps for wind speed forecasts. The site is in Greek, but it’s easy to understand and navigate by area.


Sailing With Kids

What to Pack


Getting Around: Exchange money prior to departure port. Cash (Euros) is widely used all over Greece. Some taverns or other points of sales will not accept some or all types of credit cards.


Safety: Life vests with harness are provided on board, but children sizes are upon request. Also, if you require a child safety net, it is available under optional equipment.


Family & Leisure: A nice book to enjoy throughout your journey, and fun games to play with children - bring their favorite toys!

For extra fun stuff, click here.

Health: Seasickness pills if you are unsure how people will feel on board. Also mastic flavor chewing gum is good. This is available everywhere! Absolutely must bring mosquito repellent and sunscreen factor 30+ and 50+ for fair skin.


Don’t leave home without:


Mosquito repellent

Sunscreen 30+ and 50+


Bathing suits

Fleece/wind breaker for cooler weather

Underwater camera / GoPro for memorable images!

Comfortable shoes with white or other light colored sole

What to pack
Sailing with kids

Sailing with Kids

If you have kids, it does not mean you cannot go on a fabulous sailing holiday. It just means that you need to be more organized with safety and alternative plans. It is always better that children have things explained to them and understand what they are supposed to do. Our experienced skippers demonstrate onboard safety and living functions so clearly, and the children learn these new things too, such as how to walk on deck, go down to the galley and cabins, and use the boat toilets.


Adults travelling must be aware that unexpected events, such as a sudden wind, seasickness or other issues may lead to a Plan B alternative. We are ready to assist with routes and pleasant places to go so you can stay on route a fabulous vacation.

sailing with kids.jpg
We love this great video from our young, talented friend Ilia.

Ilia, thank you so much for sharing your Cyclades sailing trip with us!

Useful Links

Useful Links

Athens International Airport: Check the status of your flights on arrival or departure.

Marinas: Mooring spaces available by location.

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