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Booking Terms & Conditions


1. Booking Confirmations

a. Bookings are confirmed when the first payment has been received and the charter contract has been signed.

b. By signing the contract (hereunder known as the charter party document) the Charterer accepts the terms and conditions. Reading and understanding the terms and conditions is the obligation of the Charterer.

c. For bookings that are not paid on time (see section 6 below on 'Payments') we reserve the right, without liability, to cancel the booking without prior notice.


2. All prices are listed in Euro, and the pricelist is subject to change without notice.

a. Charter Prices include local taxes and VAT calculated as per current rates applicable and valid to this date, subject to change without prior notice or responsibility of the Owner, the Agent or the Broker. Should any changes in applicable tax legislation take place after booking, that result in change of VAT and hence of total amount(s) due, then the difference will be credited or debited accordingly to the Charterer.

b. Charter rates do not include cleaning (this is a separate mandatory fee), fuel and water consumption, crew services, marina costs, provisioning, transfers and any other expense incurred by the Charterer. 


3. Booking discounts offered as follows:

a. 5% discount for:

  • Returning ND Sails clients

  • Two week charter

  • Boat show discount

  • Two yachts in one booking

  • Full payment at time of booking

b. 10% discount for:

  • Early booking discount, by 31st January 2021

  • Three week charter

  • Three yachts in one booking


c. The maximum discount in one booking will be 15% total.

Agent Commission

4. Charter prices in ND Sails official pricelist include Agent’s commission: an agreed percentage applicable on the charter fee net of VAT (i.e. on the amount of final charter price after VAT has been deducted). Price list subject to change without notice.

Optional & compulsory extras and additional services are non-commissionable (extras and services include cleaning, refueling, crew, transfers, and any other service the Owner may offer).

Agent Commission Invoice to be issued to Yacht Owner company, one month prior to charter (details provided in section 6 Payment of Booking below). Bookings accepted from EU-based businesses subject to having mandatory VIES registered VAT number.


Commission invoices must be delivered to ND Sails within 7 days from issuance date; invoices received past due will have to be cancelled and re-issued by issuing Agent. ND Sails PYMC reserves the right to, without liability, at any time cancel a booking because Agent has not provided their commission invoice in a timely and compliant manner.

5. COVID-19 Cancellation and Re-bookings

a. In the event of official government announcements prohibiting travel in the host or originating country of the Charterer, a credit note for the same value charter is issued, valid for 18 months.

b. Re-booking on different dates is subject to availability and any difference in charter fees due to price category is to be paid by Charterer at time of re-booking, within 7 days.

c. Client must give notice of the re-booking dates at least 90 days before the revised embarkation date.

d. A re-booking fee of €200 applies.

e. The COVID-19 Cancellation and Re-bookings policy does not apply to travel restricted by positive results of PCR tests and/or quarantine imposed by authorities or under medical advice. In such situations, our standard cancellation terms and conditions apply.

Payment of booking    


6. Payments

a. Payments in part 

i. 30% to be paid upon confirmation of charter, within 5 days at the latest

ii. 20% to be paid by 31-01-21 (for bookings after this date, 20% to be paid 3 months before charter starts)

iii. Balance to be paid 40 days before charter starts


b. Booking is not confirmed until first payment is cleared to Owner’s bank account. Charter will take place only if all payments are confirmed in cleared funds in due time.

c. For bookings made within 40 days of charter embarkation, the charter fee must be paid in full at time of booking.

d. All payments in Euro. All amounts must be received in full, in cleared funds net of payment / credit card / banking commissions and expenses.

e. Bank Accounts: Charterers and Agents shall ensure payments are made into corresponding Owner bank accounts based on yacht booked:

MARLA (Cyclades 50.5) & ISABELLA (Oceanis 50)

Account name: ND Sails P.Y.M.C.

Bank: Piraeus Bank

IBAN: GR4101720210005021041467725



Company details for invoices:

ND Sails P.Y.M.C.

Gr. Lambraki 19, Glyfada 16675

VAT NO: EL 998049013




FANTASEA (Lagoon 42)

Account name: Aristocats P.Y.M.C.

Bank: Piraeus Bank

IBAN: GR1101720210005021086121439



Company details for invoices:

Aristocats P.Y.M.C.

Gr. Lambraki 19, Glyfada 16675

VAT NO: EL 997061956




EUPHORIA (Oceanis 51.1) & INFINITY (Oceanis 46.1)

Account name: Open Horizon Yachting P.Y.M.C.

Bank: Alpha Bank

IBAN: GR5501401700170002330000470



Company details for invoices:

Open Horizon Yachting P.Y.M.C.

Gr. Lambraki 19, Glyfada 16675

VAT NO: EL 996929973


Mandatory and optional extras

7. All mandatory and optional extras are payable prior to embarkation AT BASE with cash only.

a. Cleaning fees are mandatory and non-commissionable. Cleaning fees are in addition to charter rates per charter per yacht, and to be paid at base in cash at check-in.

Monohulls: €250

Catamarans: €270

b. Optional extras include skipper, crew change, fast track pack, optional equipment & charter packs & services. Refer to the price list or our webage for full list of optional extras available.

c. Crew Cancellation: If notice of cancellation of crew services (skipper, hostess, chef and any extras by independent providers) is given 40 or fewer days prior to departure, 25% of agreed services is due.

Security Deposit Payment

8. As per Charter Party Terms, Charterer will provide at Base before embarkation a Security Deposit as per Owner Offer; payment by credit card, VISA or MasterCard only (no debit cards).

The Security Deposit applies per insurable event (damage or loss). If the yacht is returned without damages, the deposit is released back to Charterer. For damages of an amount less than Security Deposit, Owner retains the amount required for repairs and the balance is released back to Charterer. For damages in amounts more than the Security Deposit, Owner retains full amount of Security Deposit.

This means that should an incident occur, in order to be covered against a second incident, the Charterer must replenish the Security Deposit to the initial amount. In any other case, Owner may treat the charter agreement as repudiated by Charterer and end the charter.


Security Deposit Visa or MasterCard, between €2800 and €3500, amount depending on particular yacht.

Taxes on Payment

9. Full 24% VAT rate is applicable, which the Charterer must pay. A 50% discount at a rate of 12% VAT is possible, under the condition that the skipper provides upon return a declaration, stamped by the destination port authorities, stating he arrived at a port which lies at a distance greater than 6 nautical miles from the initial port of embarkation. This regulation has been put into effect to verify valid and genuine sailing charters by reputable charter operators, and to tax payments accordingly.

Fast Track Pack (early check in)

10. The charter agreement specifies access to the yacht by 5 pm on day of embarkation.

If Charterer prefers access to the yacht (including completion of check in process) at an earlier time of 2 pm, this ‘Fast Track Pack’ option is available for a fee of €150, to be requested and paid by at the base (in cash)


Any later requests for the ‘Fast Track Pack’ option requested at the base, will be upon availability.


Earlier access is subject to previous charter of yacht in question returned on time and without major damages. If ND Sails encounters delays (repairs to yacht, for example), and cannot meet the early check in time, the Charterer receives a refund of this fee and ND Sails reverts to meeting the standard access time of 5 pm on the day of embarkation.

Sunday Check In

11. ND Sails will accommodate Charterer requests for Sunday check in (instead of standard Saturday), at no charge provided the request is made at least one week prior to day of embarkation.

Any Sunday check in requests made within the week prior to day of embarkation result in a late fee of €150.

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