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Sailing + Wellness in Greece

Destination: Greek Islands

Beautiful Sailing Yachts, Your Favorite Activities

Taking yoga and fitness to the next level, the paradise of the Greek gods reveals itself to the lucky few sailing on the waters – startling aqua and blue shades under a sparkling sun. Those on board enjoy unsurpassed quiet and privacy, and explore hidden bays and beaches.


On the same token, for those already in the know of the treasured sailing destinations, wellness on board enhances the experience. Yoga, massage and fitness training all beneath the open skies of the peaceful Mediterranean.

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Presence in the moment, deep breaths of oxygen, and an endless horizon – this is yoga on board. Imagine dawn breaking over still water, the sky blossoming into colored light, and you work through the stretches in stillness, many kilometers away from other people.

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Fitness Training

Keep energized and strong on board with our fitness training right on board your sailing yacht vacation. Our instructors offer functional training sessions incorporating exercises from cardio to muscle training with minimal equipment.

The sessions target multiple muscle groups, working on resistance, movement skills and enhancing general mobility, improving your balance and core strength by using body weight exercises, mini bands and other materials.

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Our massage therapists add a layer of pampering and refreshment to your sailing break, which you deserve and enjoy in the salty sea air. They aim to relax and rejuvenate you as they pull away aches and tension with deep-tissue and anti-stress sessions. 

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